3 Benefits of Nordictrack Treadmills


nordictrack treadmill benefitsThinking about getting a Nordictrack treadmill?  Wondering about the benefits of Nordictrack treadmills?

You might be surprised to know that Nordictrack is actually one of the most popular home treadmill brands on the market right now.

They are owned by the largest treadmill manufacturer in the world – ICON health and fitness.

ICON owns and produces several different treadmill brands like Proform, Reebok and Freemotion.

However Nordictrack is their jewel in the crown.

Nordictrack treadmills usually get the latest technology as well as the strongest design and construction versus other brands.

Because of this, Nordictrack treadmills have some benefits over other brands that you may not know about. Here’s a list of the top 3 benefits of Nordictrack treadmills:


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Top 3 Benefits of Nordictrack Treadmills



#1 Amazing Entertainment Options


Let’s face it, sometimes working out can be boring. Nordictrack treadmills can fix this as they offer a variety of fantastic entertainment options.


benefits of Nordictrack treadmills


You can find Nordictrack treadmills with HD TV’s like the Elite 5000 or Elite 4000. So you can watch your favorite shows as you walk.

There are also several models with large, touch-screen web browsers in the consoles like the Commercial 2450 or the Nordictrack 1650. So you can surf the net, watch YouTube videos or catch up on the latest celebrity news as you walk – right from your treadmill!



nordictrack 1650 treadmill review
Nordictrack Treadmill Console


And Nordictrack has also added adjustable brackets above the consoles on most of their treadmills. So you can easily attach your tablet and watch your favorite Netflix shows or movies as you run.

And for the musically-inclined, we can’t forget that most of these treadmills have docks where you can plug in your iPod, iPhone or other device and play your favorite workout tunes through the console speakers.


nordictrack treadmill benefits




#2 Innovations Not Found on Other Treadmills


Nordictrack was the first to come out with a super-high incline treadmill called the Incline Trainer. Instead of the standard 0 – 15% incline you get with most treadmills, these treadmills give you from 0 – 40% incline!


benefits of Nordictrack treadmills
Nordictrack X9 Incline Trainer


What’s the benefit of that you ask?

Well, walking at higher inclines of up to 40% can help you burn up to 5 times MORE calories than a regular treadmill. So you see weight loss and toning results super-fast.

In fact the Incline Trainer was actually used on the TV show “The Biggest Loser” several years ago since it gets weight off faster than other treadmills.

Nordictrack currently has two incline trainers – the X7 and the X9 incline trainer.

Another innovation you don’t usually find on other treadmill brands? Decline.


nordictrack treadmill - 3 benefits
Nordictrack Treadmill Decline

We all know about treadmills that incline. But Nordictrack has added decline on some of their treadmills.

This is great for crosstraining. It’s also excellent if you want to take a breather after a particularly long, hard workout. Walking downhill can be a treat in that case.

Some of the treadmill that have decline include the X9 incline trainer and the Commercial 2450 treadmill.


nordictrack treadmill benefits


#3 iFit Coach


iFit Coach has changed the way we see treadmill training at home. You have the option to add iFit Coach to your treadmill if you want.


benefits of Nordictrack treadmills
iFit Coach


iFit Coach is an online subscription-based service that turns a boring old treadmill into your own personal fitness studio. You can use it to track your workouts over time, set and reach new fitness goals.

You can also run famous trails all over the world – from the streets of Paris to the shores of Hawaii. As you run, you’ll see the actual landmark and trail in your console or tablet screen – very cool.


ifit coach



You can also watch personal trainer HD videos. So you can train with personal trainers in the Swiss Alps or the shores of the Amalfi Coast – all from your treadmill. Here’s a quick video of some of the iFit workouts:




Plus, iFit works with Googlemaps and Googleterrain to actually incline (and decline if possible) to match the real terrain that you’re running – for a more virtual reality feel to the workout. It’s the next best thing to being there!

The iFit option alone can take your treadmill training up to a whole new level. Every Nordictrack treadmill we review on this site gives you the option for iFit. You can read more about iFit here.


So those are some of the main benefits of Nordictrack treadmills. They are some of the most innovative, popular home treadmills on the market.

Just take your time and research your options (you’re in the right place for that!) So you can make sure you get the right Nordictrack treadmill model for you!


benefits of Nordictrack treadmills



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