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About Nordictrack Treadmill Reviews UK


welcome to nordictrack treadmill reviews ukWelcome to Nordictrack treadmill reviews UK blog!

This is a blog keeping you up-to-date on the latest news and reviews on Nordictrack treadmills – one of the most popular treadmill brands on the market.

I do not work for Nordictrack – or ICON their parent company. This is not their official blog.

This is an independent blog with my own independent reviews and opinions.

However I have been reviewing and rating treadmills for my other websites for over ten years now. I’ve reviewed over 40 different treadmill brands and the brand that is most popular is not Proform, Sole or Lifefitness – it’s actually Nordictrack!

That’s the reason for this blog.

Nordictrack makes some of the most innovative and interesting treadmills in the world.

However because they make some of the most unique treadmills out there, they do need some explanation and demonstration for people sometimes.


Nordictrack Incline Trainer


So this site aims to keep you up to date on the newest Nordictrack treadmills available in the UK – the sales, the tech and the comparisons between models – to help you find the best model for your needs.

Note that every treadmill reviewed on this blog is available in the UK. I’ve also provided links on where you can buy them or just learn more about them on your own. Please make sure to read our legal and affiliate disclaimer if you want to read more about this site.

Thanks for visiting and I hope this blog can help you find your ideal home treadmill!



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