iFit LIVE – See How It Works on the Nordictrack Treadmill!

free ifit coach nordictrack treadmillConfused about iFit and how it works on the Nordictrack treadmill?

Here’s a great video of the Gadget show where Pollyanna tries out iFit LIVE on a starter Nordictrack Treadmill (the model has since been discontinued).

The video is a few years old when iFit was called iFit LIVE. It’s now called iFit Coach and there are a whole host of new options you can try (see below video for more on this).

The graphics are also better than you see in this video.

However I thought I’d include it here because it shows you just a few things you can do – including how to map out your own trail using Googlemaps or how to choose from a list of different workout trails to run.

You’ll also see the difference between using your own tablet to connect with iFit and using one of the higher end treadmills to connect through the console. (like the Nordictrack 1750, Commercial 2450 or X22i Incline Trainer).





Which is the best Nordictrack iFit treadmill?

Right now that would have to be one of the treadmills with the massive 22 inch console screen. This is like having a TV or touch-screen computer right in your treadmill:


nordictrack ifit treadmills
Nordictrack 2950 Console


The Nordictrack treadmills with the massive 22 inch screens are the Nordictrack 2950 and the X22i Incline trainer. However these can be cost-prohibitive for some people.

The good news?

You can now get iFit with any of the new Nordictrack models. So you can even get a super-affordable starter treadmill like the Nordictrack T12.0 (seen below) and get iFit built-in with a full-color console.


Nordictrack T12.0 Treadmill Review
Nordictrack 12.0 Treadmill


How is iFit Coach different from iFit LIVE?

Well, Nordictrack has improved the graphics and added over 12,000 different workouts (yes that’s 12,000) to choose from.

You can take a walking tour through Venice or do HIIT training in the Swiss Alps. Plus iFit has become a bit more personalized (hence the “coach” label).


iFit Workout


You can use it to track everything from your workouts to your daily activity to your calories and even your sleep patterns. You can even program in a goal and have iFit tailor-make workouts for you just to reach this goal!

While iFit is not required to have with your treadmill (some people just want a standard treadmill), it certainly adds a whole new range of training options for people who want more!


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nordictrack x9i vs x22i comparison uk
iFit on the Nordictrack X22i



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