Nordictrack C990 Treadmill Review

Nordictrack C990 Treadmill – What You Need To Know


The Nordictrack C990 treadmill is a very popular starter treadmill with some beefy basics like a strong 3.0 HP motor, 2.5 inch rollers and adjustable cushioning deck.


nordictrack c990 treadmill review
Nordictrack 990 Treadmill

It also carries the very popular full-color console with web browser so you can surf the net as you workout. Plus it comes iFit compatible – so you can connect to iFit through your browser and run trails all over the world for some virtual reality fun.

Is the Nordictrack C990 treadmill a good buy for you? Here’s a rundown of a few things you should know before you buy:


nordictrack 990 treadmill review uk
Nordictrack c990 Treadmill Console

Price:  £1399 + Free Shipping Here

Motor: 3.0 HP

Incline: 0 – 12%

Belt Size: 51 x 152 CM

Footprint:  216 L x 91 W

Built-in Workouts: 32

Warranty:  Lifetime Frame Warranty, 10 Year Motor Warranty, and 2 Year Parts & Labor Warranty




Nordictrack C990 Treadmill Review – Benefits:


Strong Basics

This treadmill gets high marks for strong construction. You get a tough 3.0 HP continuous-duty motor that’s great for powering you through both running and walking workouts.

Plus the motor is surrounded by dual fans that cool internal components while causing less noise and vibration for a smoother, quieter workout.

This treadmill also has large 2.5 inch rollers. Larger rollers help reduce friction between the deck and the belt, also helping to extend the life of your treadmill.


nordictrack c990 review
Nordictrack C990 Treadmill Console



Extra Large Console with Built-in Web Browser

This C990 treadmill comes built with a 7 inch touch-screen console with Android web browser.  You can surf the net, read emails or watch YouTube videos as you walk. This is a great way to entertain yourself while walking (and stay on the treadmill longer if you want!)



nordictrack 990 treadmill with ifit



Explore Different Countries with iFit Coach

iFit Coach connects your treadmill to the Internet. From there you can download new video workouts. You can watch different workout instructors as they lead you through walking and running workouts from Switzerland to France.

You can also get daily LiveFitness classes broadcast directly to your console.


nordictrack c990 treadmill with ifit



Want to run a trail from your old neighbourhood? Use the Google maps feature to map out your own trail – you’ll then see the real landmarks pass you by in the console screen as you run, very cool.



Folding with Shock-Assist

The Nordictrack 990 treadmill also folds up easily and locks into place to save you space. It comes with a shock-assist mechanism that makes it a lot easier to fold up – and saves the stress on your back!


nordictrack 990 review



Adjustable Cushioning

The deck on this treadmill also comes with adjustable cushioning. So if you tend to get injured or you want extra protection for your joints, you can get a softer deck by just turning the cushioning up.

If you want a more road-like feel to your workout, you can easily turn the knob on the deck to turn the cushioning down.



Tablet Holder Above the Console

You can attach your own tablet to the bracket above the console and watch your favorite shows or movies as you walk. This is another great feature that can make your exercise time more enjoyable.



c990 treadmill review



iPod Dock with Speakers

The Nordictrack C990 also gives you an iPod dock with speakers. So you can plug in your iPod or other audio device and listen to your favorite workout music through the built-in 2 inch console speakers.





Nordictrack C990 Treadmill Review – What You Should Know:


No Wireless Heart Rate Monitor

While you can take your heart rate reading using the EKG hand sensors, there is no wireless heart rate chest strap included with this treadmill.



nordictrack c990 treadmill uk
Nordictrack C990 Treadmill with iFit Coach
iFit Coach

If you want to try iFit, you’ll need to get an online subscription from the manufacturer (about £79 per year). iFit is optional however – the treadmill works just fine without it and you already get 32 built-in workouts with the treadmill.


Bottom Line:

If you’re looking for an affordable treadmill that offers both strong construction and some goodies as well, you may want to consider the Nordictrack C990 treadmill. Runners will appreciate the strong motor, extra long belt and extra cushioning protection.

And the web browser, tablet holder, iPod dock and iFit option give you some fantastic ways to spice up your workout time and have more fun while on your treadmill!




Where To Buy At A Discount:

You can get the Nordictrack C990 treadmill direct from the Manufacturer here. Plus they also have Free Shipping which can also save you some money.


Click Here to Save on the Nordictrack 990 Treadmill


nordictrack c990 treadmill review
Nordictrack 990 Treadmill




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