Nordictrack Treadmill vs Elliptical – Which is Best For You?

nordictrack treadmill vs ellipticalTrying to decide between a Nordictrack treadmill vs elliptical?

Wondering which is best for you?

Well, the good news is that while Nordictrack treadmills used to have a lot more “fun features” like the touch-screen web browsers and iFit Coach, Nordictrack is now also adding these things to their new elliptical trainers.

Both treadmills and ellipticals also have things like iPod docks with console speakers, multi-speed fans to keep you cool and plenty of built-in workouts.

So you get lots of ways to keep yourself entertained on either a treadmill or elliptical.

But which one is really best for you?

Here are some things you may want to consider when trying to decide between a Nordictrack treadmill vs elliptical:



nordictrack treadmill vs elliptical uk



Nordictrack Treadmill vs Elliptical – 4 Questions To Ask



#1 Do You Like to Run or Walk?

On treadmills you can do both – run or walk. I’m a walker so I naturally prefer a treadmill.


nordictrack treadmill vs elliptical comparison uk


Plus if you like hiking – or just want to burn a boatload of calories in less time, there’s always the Nordictrack incline trainer – which gives you inclines of up to 40%. This means you can burn up to 5 times the calories vs walking on a regular treadmill.


nordictrack treadmills vs ellipticals


Elliptical trainers on the other hand, are really best suited for runners. The motion of the elliptical is built to mimic the basic running motion.

However that also brings up an advantage to the elliptical trainer.

If you are a runner and have issues with shin splints or knee problems, you may prefer to get an elliptical like the Freestrider – which is built to mimic running, but with almost zero impact on your joints.


Nordictrack Freestrider Elliptical


So what’s the bottom line?

Well, walkers may prefer a treadmill. Runners may like a treadmill or an elliptical. But if you have any injuries to your joints, knees, hips or back from the strain of running, you may prefer the lower impact training of an elliptical.


Nordictrack treadmill vs elliptical comparison
Nordictrack Elliptical Trainer



#2 Is Working Your Upper Body Important To You?

The main benefit of elliptical trainers is that you can work both your lower body and your upper body (with the moving arm bars) at the same time – thus getting a more complete body workout.

You can also pedal backwards and get some crosstraining in that way as well.


nordictrack elliptical vs treadmill comparison uk
Nordictrack Elliptical Trainer


However on the other hand, lots of people don’t really care about working their upper body (since the large muscles of the legs are really where you’re going to burn the most calories).

Plus you can also work your upper body on a treadmill by grabbing some 2 – 5 pound handweights and using them as you walk.

Bottom Line? Ellipticals allow you to work your upper body. However if you really want to work your upper body on your treadmill, you can do this as well – you just need to add some handweights.


nordictrack treadmills vs elliptical trainers
Nordictrack C1650 Folded


#3 Is Space Important to You?

While ellipticals and treadmills tend to have a similar footprint, most treadmills give you the advantage of folding up. This makes them easier to move and to clean under.

While most elliptical trainers do not fold up – there are still a few Nordictrack ellipticals that do fold up like the Nordictrack Spacesaver SE7i. There’s just a lot less choices when it comes to folding elliptical trainers.



#4 Do You Want an Attached TV?

Nordictrack currently offers two treadmills – the Elite 5000 and the Elite 4000 treadmills that come with an attached 15 inch HD TV. So you can watch your favorite shows as you run or walk.

nordictrack treadmill vs elliptical
Nordictrack Elite 5000 Treadmill With TV Console


Unfortunately there are no Nordictrack elliptical trainers with a built-in TV right now.

There are however several models that come with a web browser in the console and a bracket to hold your tablet above the console. So you can always attach your tablet and watch movies or shows with Netflix – or watch movies or YouTube videos through the web browser console.


nordictrack treadmill vs elliptical treainer
Nordictrack 5000 Elite Treadmill



Bottom Line?

So which is better for you in the Nordictrack treadmill vs elliptical debate?

Well, they both have their benefits. If you’re a walker, you will most likely prefer the treadmill – which gives you the option to walk or run (or even hike with the incline trainer).

Treadmills also fold up and come with options like an attached TV.

On the other hand, Nordictrack ellipticals can help to reduce impact on your joints (while simulating the running motion). They also help you work your upper body and even get some crosstraining in by pedalling backwards.

So it really comes down to what is most important to you.

Nordictrack makes both treadmills and ellipticals in the starter range up to commercial grade models. So you have a wide variety of options in either category.

Want to learn more? You can compare Nordictrack treadmills or ellipticals directly at the manufacturer below.


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nordictrack treadmill or elliptical
Nordictrack treadmill



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nordictrack elliptical vs treadmill
Nordictrack Elliptical




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