Nordictrack X7 vs X9 Incline Trainer Comparison – Which is Best For You?


Trying to compare the Nordictrack X7 vs X9 Incline Trainer?


Nordictrack X7i vs x9i incline trainer
Nordictrack X7i Incline Trainer


Wondering which one is best suited for you?

Both are popular high-incline treadmills that each give you from 0 – 40% inclines. The higher incline can help you burn up to 5 times more calories than a regular treadmill.

So people lose weight and see results much faster on these treadmills than on a standard model.

They are both iFit compatible and give you extra long 55 x 152 cm running belts.


nordictrack X7 vs X9 incline trainer
Nordictrack X9i Incline Trainer


However there are some key differences between them that you should know.

This article will compare the Nordictrack X7 vs X9 incline trainers to help you choose the best model for you.



Nordictrack X7i vs X9i – Price


The Nordictrack X7 is currently the more affordable of the two, coming in around £1499 with Free Shipping here.

The Nordictrack X9 trainer is the more premium incline trainer model with a few more frills and comes in around £1999 with Free Shipping here.



Nordictrack X7 vs X9 – Console

This is where you see a big difference between these two treadmills. The Nordictrack X7 console is bright, backlit and easy to read – but it’s only dual color:


nordictrack X7 vs x9 comparison - console
Nordictrack X7i Incline Trainer Console



The Nordictrack X9 trainer upgrades to a larger, full color, touch-screen console with built-in Android web browser:


Nordictrack x7i vs x9i comparison - console
Nordictrack X9i Console


So you can surf the net, watch YouTube videos or catch up with Facebook friends, right from your console. You should also note that the console size itself is larger on the Nordictrack X9 incline trainer- 10 inches across vs 7 inches on the X7 model.

This can make reading your workout stats much easier as well.


nordictrack x7 vx x9
Nordictrack X9i Console

To be fair, the X7 model does come with a tablet holder above the console. So if you have a tablet you could always attach the tablet and surf the net that way.



nordictrack x7 vs x9 incline trainer

Nordictrack X7 vs X9 – Decline


Both treadmills come with high 40% incline and even decline. Decline is great for crosstraining or if you want to just take a rest after a long, intense interval.

The Nordictrack X7i incline trainer gives you 3% decline whereas the X9i model gives you 6% decline – so you get a bit more with the X9 incline treadmill.




Nordictrack X7i vs X9i – Motor Power

The Nordictrack X7 comes with a very respectable 2.75 HP motor – which should be fine for most people.

However the Nordictrack X9 steps it up with a stronger 3.0 HP motor. So it can take a bit more use – and abuse – with ease.

The stronger motor is also great for multiple user families or those who want to work out for longer.




Nordictrack X7 vs X9 – Heart Rate Tracking


Both treadmills give you hand grip EKG pulse sensors – so you stay in your target fat-burning range.

However if you get the Nordictrack X9 direct from the Manufacturer here, you can also get a free wireless heart rate chest strap included (which you don’t get with the X7 model).


Nordictrack X9 vs x7 incline trainer


Many people like to have a wireless option since it tends to give you more accurate heart rate readings. Plus it’s a lot more convenient than continually having to grasp the hand sensors.




Nordictrack X7 vs X9 – Built-in Workouts

The Nordictrack X9i incline trainer also gives you a few more built-in workout options vs the X7 model. You get 44 built-in workouts vs 38 on the Nordictrack X7i model.

However if you’re planning on getting iFit Coach on either treadmill – which gives you unlimited new workouts – this isn’t really as important.


nordictrack x7i vs x9i comparison - ifit



Nordictrack X7 vs X9 – Sturdiness

While both treadmills are very sturdy and stable, the X9i model has a bit more weight to it. This extra substance helps to add to stability.

You can also see this in the user weight capacity. The X9 model has a higher user weight capacity than the X7 model – 145 kg vs 115 kg.


Nordictrack X9i Incline Trainer review



Bottom Line?

Both incline trainers give you the 40% inclines that make these treadmills so popular. So you’ll see fast results on either one.

However the X9 offers slightly better construction (stonger motor, higher stability, more decline). It also gives you a lot more in terms of entertainment options (web browser, full color console with touch screen, larger console size, more workout programs and free wireless heart rate monitor).

Also it’s fair to note that if you don’t have a tablet you can attach to the X7i console, you won’t get full use out of the iFit Coach workouts (where you watch real scenery pass you by as you run).

On the other hand the Nordictrack X7 is a lot more affordable and comes in at a great price. It’s also very sturdy and the bright, backlit console is easy to read.

So it really comes down to what you want.

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nordictrack x9 vs x7 incline trainer
Nordictrack X9i Incline trainer



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Nordictrack X7i vs x9i incline trainer
Nordictrack X7i Incline Trainer




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